Yutie Lee & PATRICK NEFF – “Sharon”



“The brain, as an object, has been elevated to the pinnacle of investigation and production in science and art, respectively.
An aura of omnipotent explanatory momentum seems to be surrounding this organ fostering its solid status as THE object of awwq at the center of attention in science, society and the arts – the last frontier and the final code to crack.

Starting from a confrontational premise, artist and scientist soon overthrew the limiting dichotomies and embraced a systemic perspective of the embedded organ fusing a range of views from the traditional Yellow Emperor’s philosophy to modern neuroscientific insights of the bi-directional brain-gut axis.
the brain-object is examined from different angles probing its real works, status and potency.

The object cult is revised while the culture producing brain-object is contemplating itself through self-reflection: brain signals are derived, relayed, mapped to the senses – experiences are petrified, quests documented and epistemic moments sparked”.


A sense of the enchanting absurdity of human nature runs throughout Yutie Lee’s practice. Whether it takes the form of delighting in the apparent incommensurability of cultural rituals or mirth at the various levels of miscommunication engendered in cosmopolitan exchanges, Lee’s combination of tightly-scripted and open-ended elements within all her works evokes a form of modern-day commedia dell’arte.
2015 Diplom, Meisterschülerin of Olaf Nicolai an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste München
Upcoming solo show in Kunstverein Göttingen /DE (03.08 – 16.09.2018)
Yutie Lee lives and works in Munich and Taipei


studied neuropsychology, linguistics and neuroinformatics and is currently working in auditory neuroscience on the topic of tinnitus. On the side, he is loosely affiliated with the computer music institute in Zurich performing transdisciplinary research. Besides his main research foci, his interests are in cultural and biological evolution, psychology and digital sound design. Furthermore, he considers himself a pre-digital native, an early crypto-anarchist and cyberpunk promoting open data science as well as individual freedom of expression.