Pamela Breda – Light Magic


11. Juni – 29. Juni 2018

Präsentation einer Videoarbeit & Artist’s Talk
25. Juni ab 19.00 Uhr


The video explores the laboratories and archives of Swiss Cinematheque “Lichtspiel”. A silent observers looks at details of machines and images from the history of cinema.
The titles echoes the original german expression used to describe cinema, a fascinating illusion created by light and movements. The images are accompanied by abstract from Deleuze “L’image mouvement”.


Artist and Researcher. Lives and Works in London.
She took part at residency programs in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Scotland, Estonia,
among the others at Atelier, Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa (2014, Venice, IT), Dolomiti Contemporanee – Terraformazione 2015(IT)
VIR, ViaFarini in Residence 2016 (Milano, IT)
and in 2014 Atelier, Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa (Venice, IT),- 2014 Internationale Sommerakademie fur Blidende Kunst
(Austria), Artist Resiency TartuAir (EE) financed by Moving’Up funding scheme, Hospitalfields Contemporary Art Center (Scotland, UK),
Fondation Botin (Santander, Spain)

Her work has been exhibited in international venues in Venice, London, Madrid, Moscow, Trondheim,
Santander, Salzburg, in institutions such as Karlsruhe Kunsthalle, Fondation Francois Schneider, Fondation
Botin, Fondation Bevilacqua La Masa, Fondation Francesco Fabbri, Venice Architecture Biennale
and Moscow Biennale for Young Art. Her research to date mainly focuses on cultural visual
tropes and traditions, on the contingency of the artistic process and its multiple outcomes, exploring
themes such as the appropriation of artworks and the delegation of authorship, the impact of digital
imagery on our way of seeing and making images, the evocation of an absent or dematerialised
body, the concepts of duration and dormancy, memetics and the generative processes of memory
(as personal and collective history).