Possible Home


Vernissage: 22. November, 19.00
Ausstellung: 22. – 30. November 2019
Finissage: 30. November, 17.00 – 20.00

For her solo show at Dreiviertel, Laura Lot imagines a “Possible Home” through a series of collage works that investigate its existence, its nature, its meaning and eventually its location. Conventional representations of home (found photographs of houses, households, scenes from domestic life…) are spliced to torn up visual material and text, symbolising the fracture caused by an unresolved issue. “Possible Home” is an open question that dives into the artist’s intimate universe of uncertainties, confronting sense of belonging, blurred memories and imagination

Laura Lot (Berlin, Paris) is an artist working mainly through the medium of collage. Even if a larger part of her production focuses on assembling personal and found photographic material into handmade collages on paper, she nevertheless explores the fields of installation and performance through correspondences between image, sound and writing.






Long term Project

“Reagenz – Schnittstelle Kunst & Wissenschaft”