Talía Falcón Nizarane

Havana, Cuba

Dokumentation einer Performance-Serie
“Cleaning Service”

2. – 20. Februar 2020, im Schaufenster Dreiviertel

Die kubanische Künstlerin Talía Falcón Nizarane befasst sich mit dem Thema der Isolation und dem Leben auf einer abgelegenen Insel in der Karibik. Während ihres kurzzeitigen Aufenthalts in Zürich blickte sie zurück in ihre Heimat.

“These performance series critically reflect on the political boundaries that delimit countries and territories, building up particular realities and living conditions for the people. Coming from an island and feeling often trapped and disconnected from the outside world, made me look at the water as a prison placed there by Nature itself to hold me back. The act of controlling and giving shape to this water empowers me as an individual and turns my action into a ritual. A lot can be said about the connotations of the act of cleaning: It is physical, manual labor related to the social class of an individual. Who cleans? Who does not clean? Women clean, poor people also clean…” Talía Falcón Nizarane


Der Kunstraum bleibt vorübergehend geschlossen. Das Video ist abends und die ganze Nacht hindurch im Schaufenster des Kunstraums zu sehen.

Transitorische Turbulenzen

Kuratiert von
Janine Stoll & Harald Kraemer

lotsremark projekte zu Gast bei Dreiviertel im Rahmen von Connected Space

Sena Başöz
George Steinmann

Joseph Leung
Herbert Starek
& historische Kataloge von
Marcel Broodthaers

6. – 25. November 2020

Ausgewählt von Janine Stoll & Harald Kraemer treffen konzeptuelle Werke aus dem Zeitraum 1968 bis 2020 aufeinander, die kritisch Systeme hinterfragen.

The installation begins with a time travel through the historical catalogs of the legendary Belgian artist Marcel Broodhaers; goes over to the complex and yet hardly comprehensible Mindmaps painted with blueberry juice by the Swiss artists and researcher George Steinmann in his photographs; Joseph Leung from Hong Kong shows the monumental national symbols of his country as fragile flowers disappearing in the wind; Austrian conceptualist Herbert Starek swims through the vague cartography of sounds and imaginary landscapes and finally Sena Başöz the artist from Istanbul is trying to catch the noisy unclear signals of present which are constantly being “erased”…

Dr. Janine Stoll – art historian, curator, dissertation about Marcel Broodthaers‘ main work La Salle Blanche, Basel

Dr. Harald Kraemer – professor at the City University of Hong Kong and head of the Programmes Curating Art & Media, Hong Kong


Sena Başöz, The Eraser, 2018 

Sena Başöz senabasoz.info
Joseph Leung leungmongsum.com
George Steinmann george-steinmann.ch

Herbert Starek herbert-starek.com
& Marcel Broodthaers