Reagenz – Grenze des Systems Dialog No. 2

Grenze des Systems
Dialog No.2


28. Februar – 15. April 2018 (verlängert)


Originally an architect based in Bern and Athens, working mainly with installation and land art and drawing. She focuses on atmospheric, spatial, multi-sensory experiences that refer to questions of perception and control, also in a political and philosophical context.

Her research concerns “coming together” art-oriented activities in socio-political contexts. Since 2016 she is an artistic director of Greveniti Residency, an artist residency on the greek mountains that offers space for exchange, interaction, sharing between art related practitioners and thinkers.


Political scientist (PhD) based in Moscow. Senior Researcher at the Center of Scientific Information Studies on Global and Regional Issues, Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION), Russian Academy of Sciences. Senior Lecturer, Department of Culture of Peace and Democracy. Russian State University for the Humanitarians (RSUH), Moscow.

Scientific interest: political parties, political regimes: democracy – dictatorships, democratic transit, tolerance and human rights, European security system, international crisis. At the moment (2017-2019) scholarship holder of Russian Foundation for Basic Research with a research project «Heterotopy: The Civilization Context». INION RAS. Recent publication to the topic:
– Kutyrev G.I. New Social Movements and Political parties in Portugal through the Prism of Heterotopy concept // Urgent Problems of Europe. – 2018. – No. 2 (in the press)
– Kutyrev G.I. The Concept of Heterotopy and Modern forms of Media in Portugal // Time of Big Changes: Politics and Politics. Russian Association of Political Science – M.: RUDN University, 2017. P. 216-217.