Curatorial talk and an infiltration of the platform blind_spot by Ivan Isaev

11 Januar from 19.00 h

We wish you a happy start in a new year and welcome you to slowly enter 2019! In a sleepy January hole (Januarloch) we are inviting you to the infiltration of a platform blind_spot initiated by Ivan Isaev, to speak about weakness, insomnia, fatigue and the use of faintness.


is a short term, soft and powerless institution that aims to develop the values of passivity, weakness, subtlety and deceleration through the means of contemporary art, cultural collectivism, mumblecore modality and alternative economical relations.


An independent curator (*1986) based in Moscow, currently curator-in-residency from Pro Helvetia at the Ausstellungsraum Klingental and Atelier Mondial, Basel.
Initiator of platform blind_spot.
Co-founder of «Triangle» curatorial studio (Moscow, 2014-2016).
Participant of Infra-Curatorial Platform in 11th Shanghai Biennale (2016).
Curator of project Start, Winzavod, season 2014-15, and “Leaving Tomorrow” exhibition (2015, Moscow). Member of ICI (Independent Curators International).

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