Erster Teil der Ausstellungs Trilogie Umwerfer I-III.
Skulpturen aus Fiberglas.


15. August – 16. September 2018

Remy Erismann is working with the topic of high-tech research and development within cutting-edge sports. His work is especially inspired by the reduced forms of the designs, the materials used, and the moment where performance and aesthetics come together. Such high-tech products are the starting point for his artistic work.

The core of his current studio work is the derivation of sculptures from a multi-step casting or mold making process, consisting of a positive, a negative and a final shape. He investigates all these states for their sculptural potential. Through a kind of reverse engineering, he appropriates the shapes, builds the selected objects by hand and counters the high-tech process with a low-tech one. The more definitive the process the more self-referential it becomes. Eventually the topic takes a back seat as the work becomes more formal and a new terminology comes into play. The function of the elements turns into a pseudo function and the individual objects are no longer readable as high-tech.