Reagenz No. 6

Reagenz No. 6

Dr. Gonzague Rebetez & Timothée Verheij

Vernissage: 13. Oktober ab 19 Uhr
Ausstellung: 13 – 27. Oktober

Bioelectronic seek to monitor and modulate biological systems – Artificial vision – Conversing with neurons – Smelling colors or thinking music. Wired experiment the parallels between bioelectronics and an art gallery.
The first transfigure the dialogue between the digitalized word and the biological universe that contain us. The second deepens social awareness and sensitizes our perception of the environment.

In Wired, the researcher in bioelectronic Dr. Gonzague Rebetez and the digital & sound artist Timothée Verheij, superimpose the two by converting the Dreiviertel Kunstraum into an esthetic sensor.