Moritz Piehl – “An Image of Love”

Moritz Piehl
“An Image of Love”

Vernissage: 8. Juni, 19 Uhr
Ausstellung: 9 – 25. Juni 2023

An image of love (AIOL) started out as an idea to make a 9-chapter tale about a person adrift seeking an idealized paradise of love, only to succumb to the insatiable cravings of that very paradise.

The foundation of AIOL, both conceptually and aesthetically, is rooted in a deep exploration of popular culture’s imagery and ideas, as well as the digital spaces that inhabit them. Drawing from sources like tabloid magazines, reality tv, Instagram, reddit and video-games.

Fragments of text—news headlines, video subtitles, and online commentaries—refer to an undefined external world, lurking beyond the scenes, commenting, and interpreting the events displayed.

The narrative perspective teeters between a craving for sensationalism and a yearning for love and affection. Instead of merely critiquing the superficiality of contemporary media production, AIOL seeks to discover the poetic and sensual qualities hidden within this fast-paced digital environment. It aims to unravel the underlying desires that these images were crafted to evoke.